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+ Keith B. Brown


In addition to being an international artist, Keith B. is also an accomplished Professor, specializing in 'French for Anglophones' and 'English as a Foreign Language'.  Teaching English in France for 10 years, Professor Brown has a profound knowledge of the problems encountered by students, of all ages, attempting to learn and master the two languages. Professor Brown is an expert in training students for the TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS exams.  Lessons are given face-to-face and/or by Skype.  Professor Brown also does translation and interpretation.

Delta Blues Program
Film, Video, Concert and Master Class

The Delta Blues program…
Keith B. Brown’s Delta Blues Program introduces six of its
greatest and most important legends: Robert Johnson,
Bukka White, Skip James, Furry Lewis, Son House and
Fred McDowell. Using musical demonstration, video
footage, film, lecture, and concert performance, Keith B. will
take people on a comprehensive historical, instructional --
and above all -- musical voyage into the world of the Delta
The program will be presented in three parts. Organizers can
choose to participate in all three parts of the program or
choose among the three segments as it suits their individual
programming needs.
1.) Master Class/Workshop w/video and film presentation
2.) Film - Martin Scorsese’s production of Wim Wenders “The
Soul Of A Man” and Glenn Marzano’s “Stop Breakin’ Down”
3.) Concert (Keith B. Brown – solo acoustic, trio, quartet, quintet or sextet)
Keith B. will introduce the Delta Blues style through his own
music and six of its greatest legends: Robert Johnson,
Bukka White, Skip James, Furry Lewis, Son House and
Fred McDowell.

-- He will show rare video performance of the artists in
--He will demonstrate and talk about each artist’s own style
and approach to the blues.
--He will lead the class through the different techniques and
open-tunings of the Delta blues guitar styles, tailoring the
instruction to the student’s individual level.
-- He will demonstrate how the Delta styles developed and
evolved into what would later become electric blues and the
foundation for rock & roll and American popular music today.
Keith will give a 40 minute solo acoustic, trio, quartet, quintet or
sextet concert playing compositions by all six of the artists introduced in the
Masterclass. His concert will also include his own
compositions that come directly out of the Delta blues
tradition with influences from today’s more modern sound.
*Keith B Brown is also available for a concert-only
For organizers who are interested, Keith B. will offer a
projection of Wim Wenders feature film “The Soul Of A Man”,
in which he stars as Skip James. Keith could also be
available for questions from the public concerning the
making of the film. Both French and English versions of the
film are available.
Importantly, the Delta Blues Program is designed to be a
rich and dynamic experience for a wide-ranging group.
Because of its multi-faceted program, people interested in
music, film as well as American history and culture can find
a wealth of interest and fulfillment in the program.
The Delta Blues Program can be scheduled during a single
day or can be scheduled during a two-day period.
We hope you will join Keith and participate in this rare and
exciting opportunity!